The Citation Sovereign/Sovereign+ – A Versatile Transcontinental Aircraft

The Citation Sovereign/Sovereign+ – A Versatile Transcontinental Aircraft

By Jim Mitchell – Executive Sales Director for Elliott Jets

First produced in 2004, the Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ have had an impressive production run that has produced over 430 aircraft to date. The most-recent upgrade of this aircraft, the Sovereign+ is still being produced today. This airframe is known for transcontinental performance, large cabin, and outstanding short-field performance.

The Airframe

The Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ has the longest and most spacious cabin in the traditional mid-size jet market.  The aircraft fuselage is an elongated version, which is 6.6 feet longer, than the Citation Excel. The aircraft also has a large, clean-sheet design 515 square foot wing with large trailing-edge flaps. With excellent short-field performance, both the Sovereign and Sovereign+ can easily operate out of 4,000 foot runways. In addition, this airframe includes trailing link landing gear, which allows for softer landings and taxiing.

Both the Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ have great climb performance of over 4,000 feet per minute. The maximum cruise speed is 458 knots for the Sovereign and 460 knots for the Sovereign+.  Both models have a service ceiling of 47,000 feet. 

Major Differences Between Models

The main difference in the Citation Sovereign+ are the engines, avionics, and addition of swooplets to the wings. While the Sovereign has Pratt & Whitney 306C engines, the Sovereign+ has the Pratt & Whitney 306D engines, which have more thrust, better fuel efficiency, and Autothrottles.

The Citation Sovereign features the Honeywell Primus Epic avionics system, with a dual FMS. The Sovereign+ has the Garmin G5000 integrated avionics suite with three 14” displays with touchscreen controls and synthetic vision.


At over 25 feet in length, the Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ have 571 cubic feet of cabin volume, which is typically configured for either nine passengers with a double club configuration, or a ten-passenger configuration that includes a combination of seats and a side facing couch. The cabin is also has a large forward refreshment center and a fully-enclosed flushing lav.

This airframe has 100 cubic feet of external baggage and an additional 35 cubic feet in the cabin, which is more capacity than many much larger jets. In both models, an APU is standard, which can keep the aircraft cool in the summer and warm in the winter while on the ground and without powering the engines.

Both versions of the airframe have cabin management systems that control the window shades, lighting and entertainment options.


The Citation Sovereign and Soverign+ are in a class all their own. They outperform all mid-sized jets, and even many super mids. They have an outstanding range and can operate out of short-fields while delivering cabin comfort and spacious baggage capacity. With excellent performance, a large cabin, and low operating costs, the Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ are an excellent option for operators looking to step up to a transcontinental aircraft.

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Jim Mitchell joined Elliott Aviation in 2010. He has been in the aviation business for over 30 years, holds a Bachelors Degree in Business, and has over 2,500 hours of flight time with Commercial, Instrument, and CFI ratings. Jim first started selling used piston aircraft while also managing a full service FBO business. In those years Jim saw first-hand all facets of the aviation business including maintenance, charter, aircraft management, fuel sales, and hangar storage. Prior to joining Elliott, Jim worked for Cessna Aircraft selling new and used Citations. He can be reached at 952.944.1200 or by email at