Brokerage Services

Our team will help you get a fair price and find a buyer fast. We will help set a price for your aircraft that accurately reflects the most up-to-date market conditions to sell your aircraft at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. We handle your transaction from start to finish, including an in-depth technical evaluation, accurate pricing and aggressive omni-channel marketing. We will also negotiate terms on your behalf and prepare all documents so your transaction will go smoothly. We will even manage your pre-purchase inspection!

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Initial Evaluation Process

Marketing & Advertising Process

  • Professional Photos and Video Completed by Aviation Photographer
  • Off-Market Advertising Started with IADA & Plane Fax
  • Weekly Email Blasts Begin
  • Launch on and 10,000+ Social Media Followers
  • Spec Sheet Verification and Creation
  • Electronic Presentation Created
  • Print Publication Advertising – Executive Controller, AvBuyer, Business Air
  • Channels Launched – (Controller, ASO, AvBuyer, JetLinx)