Brokerage Services

Our team will help you get a fair price and find a buyer fast. We will help set a price for your aircraft that accurately reflects the most up-to-date market conditions to sell your aircraft at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. We handle your transaction from start to finish, including an in-depth technical evaluation, accurate pricing, and aggressive omnichannel marketing. We will also negotiate terms on your behalf and prepare all documents so your transaction will go smoothly. We will even manage your pre-purchase inspection!

Initial Evaluation Process

Marketing & Advertising Process

  • Professional Photos and Video Completed by Aviation Photographer
  • Off-Market Advertising Started with IADA & Plane Fax
  • Weekly Email Blasts Begin
  • Launch on and 10,000+ Social Media Followers
  • Spec Sheet Verification and Creation
  • Electronic Presentation Created
  • Print Publication Advertising – Executive Controller, AvBuyer, Business Air
  • Channels Launched – (Controller, ASO, AvBuyer, JetLinx)