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Phenom & Legacy Fall 2022 Market Reports

Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 500

Phenom 100 Market

Current Market State for the Phenom 100

Transactions have slowed, and Phenom 100 inventory continues to rise as we  head into the fourth quarter of 2022. There are now 17 aircraft for sale, up  from just 10 listings last quarter. This is the highest level since Q2 2021. After a busy second quarter, transactions also slowed to just six sales during Q3. Even  though inventory has surged lately, it’s still worth noting levels are less than  half of what was listed two years ago. Pricing has remained steady for three  consecutive quarters. With more options to choose from, yet pricing holding  steady, this market is balanced for both buyers and sellers.

Phenom 100 Market Snapshot

  • 17
  • 292
  • 5.8%
  • 2,839
  • +7
  • 6

Phenom 300 Market

Current Market State for the Phenom 300

Phenom 300 inventory remains steady, and transactions have ramped up in  the third quarter. There are seven Phenom 300’s for sale, similar to last  quarter, and well below the twelve that were listed Q3 of 2021. After a slower  second quarter, activity has picked up with eight transactions taking place last  quarter. We haven’t seen this much activity since the busy end to 2021. Pricing has risen once again, but this time less significantly than the past few quarters. With limited inventory and strong pricing, it is still a great time to sell your  Phenom 300.

Phenom 300 Market Snapshot

  • 7
  • 487
  • 0.14%
  • 2,626
  • 0
  • 8

Legacy 500 Market

Current Market State for the Legacy 500

There are finally a few Legacy 500’s to choose from, giving buyers some relief  from the scarce inventory levels seen for most of the past year. There are now  four aircraft for sale, up from just one unit a year ago. Transactions have  remained slow, with only one retail sale taking place during the third quarter.  That sale makes only two combined retail sales on the year, well behind the seven transactions a year ago by this time. Pricing is still holding strong, now  level for three quarters. With a couple more options, and pricing still strong, we consider this market balanced for buyers and sellers.

Legacy 500 Market Snapshot

  • 4
  • 84
  • 4.8%
  • 1,576
  • +1
  • 1