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Learjet Fall 2022 Market Reports

Lear 45XR, Lear 60XR, Lear 75

Lear 45XR Market

Current Market State for the Lear 45XR

Inventory in the 45XR market has grown by a couple listings, but options are  still scarce as we head into the fourth quarter of 2022. There are now four  aircraft for sale, up from two listings available most of this year. Domestic, low  time options are still hard to come by, and when discovered they go quickly  and bring a premium. Pricing has jumped for the sixth consecutive quarter, up  roughly 80% from Q4 2020. The lack of quality options has hurt transactions,  with only two sales taking place during the third quarter. With low inventory  and climbing prices, now is a great time to sell your 45XR.

Lear 45XR Market Snapshot

  • 4
  • 204
  • 1.9%
  • 5,073
  • +2
  • 2

Lear 60XR Market

Current Market State for the Lear 60XR

Transactions have jumped and 60XR inventory remains stable. Nine listings  are available, similar to the past three quarters. This represents just over 8% of the active fleet, much higher than the other Lear markets. Higher, yet steady inventory levels have accompanied an increase in transactions. Seven aircraft  sold last quarter, the most we’ve seen in over three years. Pricing continues to  rise, with buyers competing for aircraft enrolled on an engine program. With ample inventory, yet strong pricing, this market could be considered favorable  for both buyers and sellers.

Lear 60XR Market Snapshot

  • 9
  • 111
  • 8.1%
  • 3,201
  • 0
  • 7

Lear 75 Market

Current Market State for the Lear 75

The struggle continues for buyers in the Lear 75 market. Inventory remains  depleted at just two listings, representing only 1.5% of the active fleet. This  market was able to produce two sales during the third quarter, after only one  transaction taking place in each of the preceding three quarters. As with the  other Lear markets, pricing continues to climb, reaching levels more than 50%  higher than Q1 2020. With strong pricing and practically nothing to choose  from, it is still a great time to sell your Lear 75.

Lear 75 Market Snapshot

  • 2
  • 135
  • 1.5%
  • 2,722
  • 0
  • 2