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Citation Winter 2021 Market Report

Citation M2, Citation CJ2+, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4

Citation M2 Market

Current Market State for the Citation M2

In its ninth year of production, the Citation M2 has matured into an active market. Q4 averaged 15 units on the market, which is down five units from last year. There were a staggering 16 sales in Q4, which is a record number for a quarter. Pricing has held steady for the past seven quarters. This would be a good time to sell an M2, as inventory levels are extremely low.

Citation M2 Market Snapshot

  • 16
  • 258
  • 6%
  • $2,990,000 - $3,995,000
  • $3,452,692
  • 120
  • 661
  • 15

Citation CJ2+ Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ2+

There were 16 CJ2+ aircraft for sale in Q4, which is the same as Q4 2019, but a low for 2020. There were nine sales in Q4 2020, which is the most for a quarter in two years. Pricing for this market is still edging downward. This would be a good time to sell, as inventory levels continue to remain low.

Citation CJ2+ Market Snapshot

  • 16
  • 223
  • 7%
  • $2,895,000 - $3,880,000
  • $3,301,435
  • 283
  • 2,717
  • 9

Citation CJ3 Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ3

After struggling for most of 2020, the Citation CJ3 market rebounded with a vengeance in Q4. There was an average of only 29 units available for sale this past quarter, which is the lowest number in over two years. A record 27 units traded last quarter, which is more than half of the number sold in all of 2019. Pricing for this market continues to be soft. This is an excellent time to sell a CJ3, as the inventory levels are at near-record lows.

Citation CJ3 Market Snapshot

  • 29
  • 412
  • 7%
  • $2,895,000 - $4,995,000
  • $3,755,405
  • 249
  • 3,037
  • 27

Citation CJ4 Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ4

The Citation CJ4 market has rebounded nicely in Q4. There are 16 available for sale, which is the same as Q4, 2019, but a low for 2020. 11 sold in Q4, which is the most in a single quarter in two years. After slight drops in Q1 and Q2, pricing has remained steady for the past two quarters. This would be a good time to either buy or sell a CJ4, as there is a good selection of inventory and active buyers.

Citation CJ4 Market Snapshot

  • 16
  • 332
  • 5%
  • $4,550,000 - $6,495,000
  • $5,277,308
  • 244
  • 1,318
  • 11