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Challenger Winter 2022 Market Report

Challenger 300, Challenger 604, Challenger 605

Challenger 300 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 300

Challenger 300 inventory is down more than 80% from a year ago, resulting in prices surging to levels not seen in many years. There are only four aircraft for sale, down from eight during the third quarter. Activity has tailed off due to a lack of options, with only five sales taking place during Q4 2021. Buyers are struggling to find quality domestic aircraft, and are paying a premium when they do. Prices have jumped another 18%, now up roughly 40% since the end of 2020. With little competition and surging prices, now is the perfect time to sell your Challenger 300.

Challenger 300 Market Snapshot

  • 4
  • 541
  • 0.74%
  • 2,894
  • -4
  • 5

Challenger 604 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 604

Challenger 604 inventory continues to decline and prices are climbing as we head into 2022. There are just 10 CL604 aircraft for sale, down from 30 a year ago. This represents 2.9% of the active fleet. Activity has declined with inventory, but the fourth quarter still managed to produce seven transactions. Pricing has taken a significant jump, surging over 30% in the past 90 days. With inventory continuing to decline, and prices increasing, now is a great time to sell your Challenger 604.

Challenger 604 Market Snapshot

  • 10
  • 350
  • 2.9%
  • 8,437
  • -6
  • 7

Challenger 605 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 605

Challenger 605 inventory has dropped over 70% in the past 90 days, and prices continue to climb. There are just four Challenger 605 listings, down from 30 a year ago. Currently just 1.4% of the active fleet is for sale. Activity has slowed with the lack of options, with the fourth quarter producing five sales. Prices have jumped yet again, now up over 30% from earlier this year. With inventory depleted and prices continuing to climb, this is the perfect environment to sell your Challenger 605.

Challenger 605 Market Snapshot

  • 4
  • 287
  • 1.4%
  • 2,419
  • -10
  • 5