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Challenger Fall 2022 Market Reports

Challenger 300, Challenger 604, Challenger 605

Challenger 300 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 300

Challenger 300 inventory continues to increase, along with activity. There are  now 15 listings in this market, up from 12 last quarter. Inventory has now rebounded to Q2 2021 levels. The additional options have engaged more  buyers, with nine sales taking place during Q3. Even with this bump in
transactions, YTD sales are well behind last year. There have only been a total  of 15 sales in 2022, compared to 34 a year ago. Pricing climbed once again,  with values now up over 70% from pandemic lows. With strong prices and a few more options to choose from, this market is balanced for both buyers and seller.

Challenger 300 Market Snapshot

  • 15
  • 452
  • 3.3%
  • 3,880
  • +3
  • 9

Challenger 604 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 604

Challenger 604 supply is increasing, and activity remains strong as we head  into the fourth quarter of 2022. Inventory has reached 16 listings, up from just  nine last quarter. After bottoming out Q1 of 2022, levels are now even with a  year ago. Another busy quarter in this market, with Q3 matching Q2 with 10  sales. There have now been 25 sales YTD, surpassing 2021’s pace of 24.  Pricing has risen for the fourth consecutive quarter, with values up over 70%  in the past year. It is still a great time to sell your 604, but there are a few more  options to choose from.

Challenger 604 Market Snapshot

  • 16
  • 350
  • 4.6%
  • 9,042
  • +7
  • 10

Challenger 605 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 605

Challenger 605 inventory has increased, but still remains low. There are now  seven aircraft for sale, up from four listings last quarter. Supply is still limited,  considering a year ago there were 14 listed for sale. The lack of quality aircraft  is still keeping transactions in check, with just three sales during Q3. There  have only been eight sales on the year, well behind 2021’s pace of 19  transactions YTD. Pricing continues to increase, with values now up nearly  50% in just one year. With inventory levels low and prices sky high, it is still a  great time to sell your Challenger 605.

Challenger 605 Market Snapshot

  • 7
  • 287
  • 2.4%
  • 3,655
  • +3
  • 3