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Challenger Fall 2020 Market Report

Challenger 300, Challenger 604, Challenger 605

Challenger 300 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 300

Challenger 300 inventory has dropped by 10% and transactions are picking up as we head into the fourth quarter of 2020. Now at 27 listings, Challenger 300 inventory is down compared to the 30 listings during the second quarter. Activity also picked up, with 10 sales occurring, much better than the six transactions during Q3 2019. Total transactions on the year are at 19, slightly off last year’s pace of 21 sales by this time. Pricing has softened, with its second drop in a year. This is coming after relatively stable pricing during 2018 and most of 2019. With attractive pricing yet plenty of demand, this market remains balanced for buyers and sellers. Interested in a Challenger 300? You can read a comprehensive review of the Challenger 300 here.

Challenger 300 Market Snapshot

  • 27
  • 454
  • 6.0%
  • $6,595,000 - $11,250,000
  • $8,434,65
  • 216
  • 3,922

Challenger 604 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 604

Challenger 604 inventory has climbed once again, up 75% in the past year. There are currently 35 Challenger 604 aircraft for sale, up from just 20 a year ago. This is the highest number of aircraft for sale in this market in the past three years. The good news is activity picked up in the third quarter, with 10 sales taking place. There have been 20 sales YTD in the 604 market, exactly where we were last year at this time. Despite the increase in inventory, pricing is holding steady. With pricing holding steady, and inventory increasing, now may be the right time to sell before pricing starts to fall.

Challenger 604 Market Snapshot

  • 35
  • 353
  • 10.0%
  • $2,500,000 - $5,750,000
  • $4,430,059
  • 202
  • 6,938

Challenger 605 Market

Current Market State for the Challenger 605

Just like the 604 market, Challenger 605 inventory continues to grow. There are currently 32 listings, up from just 24 a year ago. There has actually been a fair amount of activity in this market compared to a year ago. Five sales in the third quarter brings 2020’s total to 16, up from just 11 YTD in 2019. If we look all the way back to 2018, transactions are still well behind the 24 that sold during the same time frame. Pricing has taken a big it, with the largest single quarter drop we’ve seen in the past three years. With inventory climbing and the best pricing we’ve seen in this market, now is a great time to purchase a Challenger 605.

Challenger 605 Market Snapshot

  • 32
  • 288
  • 11.0%
  • $6,750,000 - $11,750,000
  • $8,826,429
  • 224
  • 3,491