Elliott Jets, the aircraft sales division of Elliott Aviation, has eight decades of proven success brokering, acquiring and selling aircraft all over the world. Customers know they can rely on us to provide world-class service with their needs as our priority. Our reputation has made us the trusted partner to chief pilots, executives and aircraft owners. There are few aircraft sales and acquisition businesses in the world that offer you decades of excellence, integrity and passion for customer service. Elliott Jets team consists of acquisition experts, market research specialists, marketing team, contracts and administrative support, and sales executives.The Elliott Jets experts are constantly analyzing jet markets to give you an accurate view of the current market.


Real research is what it takes to analyze and truly understand the pre-owned aircraft marketplace. Elliott has a full time research department which has specialized in jet aircraft for decades. Armed with this research, knowledge of actual selling prices, not just ask and take prices, as well as thorough knowledge of the aircraft, enables accurate appraisal values for aircraft from both the buying and selling standpoint. This accuracy provides the very best information to maximize the sale price of your aircraft while effectively limiting the time on the market before it is sold.

Our research department also has the capability to identify all known aircraft publicly for sale as well as aircraft not advertised for sale, but available. Elliott has “off market” sources for acquiring aircraft in addition to the open market with aircraft manufacturers trade-in(s), banks, leasing companies and other dealerships.

Many times these “off market” airplanes will sell before they are ever offered publicly. We are subscribers to dealer aircraft market tracking services. Our researchers communicate regularly with other dealers in the pre-owned aircraft market.

We have the means to identify, qualify and accurately evaluate all available aircraft. Additionally Elliott will advertise to find aircraft owners who have not yet decided to market their airplanes. All of this assures you that in today’s market you don’t need to overpay for and will be able to find the best available aircraft.


Once the target group of aircraft is identified, Elliott works the search and performs the valuation and negotiation process. Elliott will manage the entire purchase for you through closing. The real world experience, reputation and professionalism of Elliott Jets truly provides a distinct industry advantage.

Our interests are your interests as we represent you in this transaction. As we have done many times in acquiring aircraft, you will be kept fully informed of every step. This process is always completely transparent for you. You will never be left wondering what is happening or what is next.

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