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Todd Jackson Vice President, Acquisitions
Steve Davis Executive Sales Director
Jim Mitchell Executive Sales Director
Eric Hammer Executive Sales Director
Lynnette Olson Sales & Marketing Administrator
James Becker Appraiser & Market Analyst
Mike Fischer Market Analyst
Meghan Welch Elliott Jets Sales Support
Dawn Randall Interim Marketing Manager
(309) 558-2087

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Whether you’re ready to buy a jet, sell your jet or make a trade, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Let’s get the ball rolling – fill out the form below or contact us directly.

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Are you a turbine-powered sales person? Know jets from the gear to the galley? Driven by devotion to your customers? Give us a ring. We need to talk.

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Follow up on Elliott Jets news, find out more about us, or simply tap into our decades of jet sales knowledge and experience. We’ll do everything we can to answer your questions.

Dawn Randall, Marketing Manager 

Elliott Jets Headquarters

800.447.6711 or 309.799.3183
6601 74th Ave.
Milan, IL 61264

Elliott Jets maintains sales offices in Moline, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Des Moines, IA.


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