Bargain Buys in the Large Jet Category

By James Becker, Accredited Senior Appraiser and Mike Fischer – Aircraft Research Manager

Are you in the market for a large jet? Known for their intercontinental ability, large jets offer an unmatched combination of range and cabin size. We have identified three aircraft in this category that can be purchased for a fraction of their MSRP cost new. If you want to travel long distances quickly and in comfort, look no further than these bargain buys in the large jet segment. Having Elliott Jets on your side in these uncertain times will pay dividends and provide needed peace of mind.

# 3 – Bombardier Global 5000
One of the fastest and most comfortable jets in the segment, it’s no wonder why so many businesses choose the Global 5000 to be their workhorse for international travel. The Global 5000 was developed to be a slightly smaller version of the Global Express. With the Global 5000 retaining its class leading 8ft wide cabin, and an ability to carry 16 passengers, cabin comfort was not sacrificed. Speed increased slightly over the Express, with a max cruise speed of .89 Mach and a range of 5,200 nautical miles. One feature of the Global 5000 that is often overlooked is the low cabin altitude of only 4,500 ft, the lowest in its class.

The combination of speed, range and comfort has kept the Global 5000 in production since 2002. There are currently 234 Global 5000 aircraft in operation, with anywhere from 15-20 pre-owned listings at a given time. Even with it still being produced today, pre-owned prices have been dropping steadily. Bluebook values a 2010 Global 5000 at $14MM, only 31% of its MSRP of $44.7MM when new.

#2 Embraer Legacy 650
Based on the proven airframe of the ERJ 135 regional jet, the Legacy 650 is an improvement over the Legacy 600, Embraer’s first business jet. The 650’s upgraded Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines provide more thrust and better fuel efficiency, significantly increasing range and full fuel payload. The Primus Elite avionics of the Legacy 650 are also one of the improvements over the 600. Both the 600/650 boast 1656 cu. Ft. of cabin volume, and a generous 286 cu. Ft. of internal baggage space.

There are a total of 270 Legacy 600 and 650’s in operation, and the most recent variant, the Legacy 650E, has 13 aircraft in its active fleet. Pre-owned Legacy 650 listings range from 7-10 aircraft at any given time. Bluebook values a 2010 Legacy 650 at only $9MM, just 30% of its MSRP when new. Pricing declined in 2016 when Legacy 650 production slowed to a limited number of 650E’s each year, providing an exceptional value to those in the market for a pre-owned Legacy 650.

#1 Bombardier Challenger 605
Known for its spacious cabin and efficiency, the Challenger 605 tops our list as the best bargain buy in the large jet segment. The Challenger 605 is an improvement over the Challenger 604, which is a derivative of the long lasting 601 series dating back to the early 1980’s. The Challenger 605 builds upon the 604 improvements, adding Pro Line 21 avionics and numerous cabin enhancements for a better passenger experience. Performance is relatively unchanged between the 604 and 605, with the exception of a slightly higher payload (200lbs) and better fuel economy. Both the 604 and 605 share an exceptionally large cabin, matching the Global 5000’s 8 ft width. The Challenger 605 can fly over 4,000 nautical miles nonstop, and sips fuel at roughly 30% less than other aircraft in its class.

There are 288 Challenger 605’s in operation today, with an additional 355 Challenger 604’s currently flying. Typically, 25-30 Challenger 605’s are listed for sale at any given time. Prices declined significantly between 2015 and 2017, but had remained steady for most of 2018 and into early 2019. Bluebook now values a 2010 Challenger 605 at only $9mm, just 28% of the MSRP cost new of $31.85mm.

Wrap Up
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About James Becker
Jim Becker has been an aircraft analyst for 27 years. He holds an F.A.A. Airframe & Power Plant Mechanic license and is a graduate of the Aviation Institute at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers. James has an extensive knowledge of the aircraft market and has tracked and analyzed thousands of aircraft transactions. Under his Aircraft Specific designation with the American Society of Appraisers, James specializes in developing current and projected market values for used reciprocating engine aircraft and turbine-powered aircraft, including corporate, commuter and private applications of airplanes and helicopters as well as all types of airline equipment. James is based in Elliott Aviation’s Des Moines Iowa facility.

About Mike Fischer
Mike Fischer joined Elliott Jets in 2018 as a market analyst. He is a graduate of Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota. With his combination of business, accounting and banking industry background, along with his passion for aviation, Mike provides trusted and reliable valuations of numerous business jets and turbo props. Fischer’s expertise includes Phenom, Hawker, Learjet, Challenger, Citation, Premier and most single-engine turbo prop markets. A third generation pilot, he holds multi-engine, commercial and instrument ratings. Mike is based out of Elliott Aviation’s Eden Prairie, Minnesota facility.