TBM 910/930 Gives You More.

The TBM 910/930 are faster, can go farther, and perform better at higher altitudes than all other airplanes in its class. We are your TBM experts to answer your questions and we are the exclusive dealer for the TBM 910/930 in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. See all the TBM 910/930 improvements below.


The TBM 910/930 series are the worlds fastest single engine turbo props. Not only are they fast, but they also only burn 57 gallons of fuel per hour at high speed cruise, up high. Not to mention the TBM 910/930 also have a 5-year/1,000 hours limited warranty and five year maintenance program. Even the annual/200 hour inspections are paid for!

With 26 modifications, from the TBM850, building on the solid basis of its TBM aircraft family, the TBM 910/930 are the latest addition to DAHERs very fast turboprop aircraft family. The 910/930 models offers upgraded environment for both pilots and passengers, along with improved efficiency, and remarkable performance without increased fuel consumption or additional engine power.

One of the popular updated features of the TBM 910/930 is noise reduction. Significantly lower cabin levels create a more peaceful flight. The TBM 910/930 has also has a more controlled cabin due to lower vibration levels. Additionally, they have a noticeably quieter cabin compared to the TBM 850.

Other highlights include:

  • 5 Year/1,000 hr Limited Warranty & Maintenance program
  • 330 knot cruise
  • Aerodynamic improvements equate to another 80 horsepower!
  • 850 HP Take off power
  • Improved takeoff distance by two football fields less runway
  • Five Blade Prop
  • Larger Engine Air Intake for more power up high
  • New Yokes
  • New Inner Landing Gear Doors
  • All new designed leather seats
  • All new LED Lighting
  • Winglets
  • Pilot Door Now Standard
  • Improved inertial separator
  • 300 Amp Starter Generator for much faster starts and plenty of reserve power
  • Re-designed instrument Panel
  • Electronic Power Center allows starts twice as fast
  • Redesigned center console with European style cup holders and more leg room
  • Single lever throttle, prop and fuel cut off in one lever
  • Fully Automatic Pressurization System
  • 31,000-ft. reached in 18 minutes, 45 seconds
  • All new graphite composite engine cowl
  • 1730 Nautical Mile Range
  • Engine: PT6 A66D Pratt & Whitney Engine 1,825 HP engine flat rated to 850 HP
  • All new re-designed seat cushions and look
  • Electrically heated seats
  • Pilot and co-pilot Air Bags for enhanced safety
  • G1000 NXi for the 910 and G3000 for the 930

Here to Answer Your Questions

“As a flight instructor and aircraft owner with over 16,000 hours I can personally say the TBM 910/930 are two of the best airplanes I have ever flown. The TBM 910/930 has substantial improvements over the 850.

Please call me if you are interested in learning more. I look forward to hearing from you.”

– Steve Davis, Executive Sales Director |

Fully Redesigned Cockpit

  • G1000 NXi or G3000 Avionics
  • Redesigned Yokes
  • All new trim switches
  • Canted lower instrument panel for easier viewing
  • New lighted Landing Gear Switch
  • New ingenious Single lever Throttle that eliminates the propeller control and fuel controller
  • Pilot Door is now standard
  • New European Style Cup Holders
  • New dual USB outlets
  • New Interior LED Lighting
  • Optional “Privacy” fully enclosed potty

Improvements Over the TBM 850

  • Uses Less Runway than the TBM 850
  • 850 Horsepower Take-off instead of 700 Horsepower
  • Better Short Field Performance by 20%, or two football fields
  • Less residual Thrust with the Five Blade Prop
  • Great Hot and High Short Field performance
  • Operate easily out of a 2,500 Ft. field
  • 1720 mile range

Improved Takeoff and Landing Capabilities

  • Uses Less Runway than the TBM 850
  • 850 Horsepower Take-off
  • Better Short Field Performance

Winglets Improve Performance

  • Added efficiency by decreasing drag
  • Increased wingspan which increases lift
  • Improved handling on the aileron which allows for a smoother roll response
  • Look great on the ramp

Improved Comfort

  • Noise Reduction from 5-Bladed Prop
  • Automatic Pressurization System
  • Redesigned Seats