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Lear Spring 2021 Market Report

Lear 45XR, Lear 60XR, Lear 75

Lear 45XR Market

Current Market State for the Lear 45XR

Transactions cooled off, and inventory declined during the first quarter of 2021. After an incredible ten 45XR’s transacted during Q4 2020, sales dropped off to just three during the first quarter. A sharp decline in inventory is likely to blame, as nearly 30% of the current market was wiped out heading into the New Year. There are currently only 17 listings, the lowest level since Q3 of 2019. Pricing has held steady for two consecutive quarters now. With pricing firm and inventory low, now is a great time to sell your 45XR.

Lear 45XR Market Snapshot

  • 17
  • 204
  • 8.5%
  • $2,395,000 - $3,800,000
  • $2,832,632
  • 305
  • 5,215
  • 3

Lear 60XR Market

Current Market State for the Lear 60XR

Lear 60XR inventory has reached the lowest level in three years. There are currently just nine listings, down from 16 during Q1 2020. Current levels represent 7.8% of the active fleet. Even though transactions steadily increased throughout last year, Q1 2021 produced more sales than any quarter during 2020. Four sales took place, which ties for the most activity since Q2 2018. Pricing has held firm for three consecutive quarters now. With low inventory and strong demand, now is a great time to sell your 60XR.

Lear 60XR Market Snapshot

  • 9
  • 111
  • 7.8%
  • $2,000,000 - $4,550,000
  • $3,526,111
  • 444
  • 2,637
  • 4

Lear 75 Market

Current Market State for the Lear 75

Inventory is holding steady, and demand continues in the Lear 75 market. There are currently six Lear 75’s for sale, which is the same as last quarter, and where we started 2020. After only one combined sale during the first half of 2020, nine aircraft have traded hands since. Q1 2021 produced two sales, up from the lone sale 2020 YTD. Pricing overall declined slightly, but early model years seem to be holding steady after bottoming out towards the end of 2020. With strong demand and pricing finally gaining some footing, now would be a great time to list your Lear 75.

Lear 75 Market Snapshot

  • 6
  • 141
  • 4.3%
  • $5,495,000 - $6,950,000
  • $6,142,143
  • 236
  • 1,250
  • 2