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Phenom 100/300 Market Report Q2 2017

Your aircraft is likely one of the biggest assets you have as an organization and it’s critical that you know what your aircraft market looks like compared to other business aircraft. At Elliott Jets, we provide market reports for Phenom 100 and 300. We know these markets better than anyone so contact us today to list your aircraft for sale!

The team at Elliott Jets combines a highly experienced, process-driven aircraft sales team with 350 of the industry’s most experienced technical aircraft experts at Elliott Aviation. Listing an aircraft with Elliott Jets ensures you have the power of the entire organization under one roof working on your behalf. We employ experts in all technical competencies including maintenance, avionics, paint, interior, accessories, parts and flight services. From contract and pricing negotiations to all aspects of managing the pre-buy, our team works in your best interest to keep your aircraft moving throughout the entire sale.

2nd Quarter 2017 Market Summary

Current State of the Phenom 100 Market

The Phenom 100 market continues to be relatively stable in number of aircraft sold. Sales activity for 2016 was comparatively very good with 29 transactions, up from 24 transactions in 2015. Sales for the first quarter of 2017 matched sales for the first quarter of 2016 with five aircraft sold. Inventory levels have climbed slightly for the first quarter with 39 aircraft for sale on the market. Currently, 12% of the fleet is for sale, up one percent from the end of the fourth quarter. About half of the Phenom 100’s on the market are registered in the US. The average ask price is $2.268MM and has been relatively stable compared to some models.

Market Snapshot for the Phenom 100
  • # On Market: 39
  • Fleet Size: 337
  • % On Market: 12%
  • Average Asking Price: $2,268,913
  • Avg. Days on Market(Sold): 238
  • Avg. TT of Aircraft Currently For Sale: 1,234
  • Transactions in 2016: 29
  • Transactions in Q1 2017: 5

  • Current State of the Phenom 300 Market

    As the model is becoming more established, the Phenom 300 continues to be a very successful aircraft for Embraer and the used market. A strong rebound occurred in the fourth quarter of 2016 after a pretty rough second and third quarter. Inventory levels during the year bottomed out in the second quarter and then rose sharply to 40 units by the end of the year. Currently, only 20 or 5% of the fleet is for sale. For 2016 a total of 19 aircraft were sold. The first quarter of 2017 saw only two aircraft sold compared to five in the first quarter of 2016. Prices trended down for the year with an average ask price of $7.174MM.

    Market Snapshot for the Phenom 300
    • # On Market: 20
    • Fleet Size: 384
    • % On Market: 5%
    • Average Asking Price: $7,174,545
    • Avg. Days on Market(Sold): 196
    • Avg. TT of Aircraft Currently For Sale: 1,011
    • Transactions in 2016: 19
    • Transactions in Q1 2017: 2