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Falcon Market Report Q1 2018

Falcon 2000, Falcon 2000EX/2000EXEASy, Falcon 2000LX

Falcon 2000 Market

Current Market State for the Falcon 2000

We have seen a slight decline in the amount of Falcon 2000 aircraft listed for sale since last summer. Currently there are 26 aircraft for sale. This is 11% of the production which is still high compared to other jets in this category. The average days on market are also high at over 400 days. There were eight retail transactions in the fourth quarter so at least there is sales activity. The values for the Falcon 2000 continue to decline.

Falcon 2000 Market Snapshot

  • 26
  • 230
  • 11%
  • $4,925,250
  • 423
  • 5,906
  • 8

Falcon 2000EX/2000EXEASy Market

Current Market State for the Falcon 2000EX/2000EXEASy

The resale inventory of Falcon 2000EX, EX EASy aircraft has dropped considerably over the last four quarters. Today there are four aircraft available for sale. That works out to 3% of the Falcon 2000EX/ EX EASy unit production. Quite a change from the beginning of 2017 where there were 13 aircraft for sale. With this low market availability there were only three retail transactions during the fourth quarter. Values for these Falcons have seen their quarterly declines slow.

Falcon 2000EX/2000EXEASy Market Snapshot

  • 4
  • 129
  • 3%
  • $7,000,000
  • 146
  • 5,998
  • 3

Falcon 2000LX Market

Current Market State for the Falcon 2000LX

Similar to the Falcon 2000EX and EXEASy above, the Falcon 2000LX aircraft listed for sale has dropped over the last four quarters. Today there are only five aircraft available for sale compared to 16 one year ago. The transactions have been steady over the last few quarters. Five Falcon 2000LX changed ownership during the fourth quarter. The Average Days on Market is very low at 50. We are still seeing a decline in values with the 2000LX model but that could change if the available aircraft for sale remains this low.

Falcon 2000LX Market Snapshot

  • 5
  • 131
  • 3%
  • $12,980,000
  • 50
  • 2,241
  • 5