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Citation Market Report Q1 2018

Citation CJ2, Citation CJ2+, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4

Citation CJ2 Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ2

The Citation CJ2 market has seen inventory levels drop continuously since July 2017. There were 32 sales last year, which was one more than in 2016. Currently there are 18 CJ2 aircraft for sale, which is 7% of the fleet. Availability of U.S. based CJ2’s is scant, with only five N-registered aircraft currently being offered. Pricing remains fairly flat, with only around a 4% decline in 2017.

Citation CJ2 Market Snapshot

  • 18
  • 237
  • 7%
  • $2,375,000
  • 108
  • 3,815
  • 11

Citation CJ2+ Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ2+

After bottoming out in September, the CJ2+ inventory has been slowly climbing. Sales in 2017 were off 10% from the previous year. Currently there are 12 units listed for sale, which is just over 5% of the CJ2+ aircraft production. Unlike the CJ2, there is ample supply located in the U.S. Pricing for this model is stable, with just a modest decline in 2017.

Citation CJ2+ Market Snapshot

Citation CJ3 Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ3

The CJ3 market has fallen by nearly half in units available for sale since its peak in March of 2017. Units sold last year were 56, which is not only an increase of ten units over the previous year, but an all-time record for yearly sales. Today there are 20 CJ3’s available for sale, which is just 5% of the aircraft produced. Despite the drastic tightening up of this market, prices still fell about 6% in 2017.

Citation CJ3 Market Snapshot

  • 20
  • 412
  • 5%
  • $4,560,789
  • 152
  • 2,481
  • 16

Citation CJ4 Market

Current Market State for the Citation CJ4

After seven years of production, the pre-owned CJ4 market is starting to come of age. Last year was by far the most active year for the CJ4 market, having bested the previous year by over 40%. Availability has tightened up considerably as well. At one point in 2017, used CJ4 inventory dropped 50%, before rebounding slightly. Pricing still remains fairly stable, with a drop of around 4.5% in 2017. Today there are 10 used CJ4 aircraft for sale, which is 4% of the aircraft production.

Citation CJ4 Market Snapshot

  • 10
  • 248
  • 4%
  • 6,583,077
  • 272
  • 985
  • 5